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Reach more customers

Sell faster by putting your feed lots in front of hundreds of farmers and buyers online

Remove the hassles

Let us manage all the customer communications, quoting, logistics, invoicing and payments

Sell when you want

Utilise Feed Finder as a cashflow tool to sell feed when you choose to throughout the year

Add value to clients

Give confidence to your clients by offering them a channel to sell their surplus feed online

Partnering with Feed Finder takes the hassles out of selling and delivering your feed

Once your feed is listed, we can take care of the rest. We’ll promote your feed and manage all customer enquiries, quoting, logistics, and payments. Our carrier partner network will then efficiently pickup and deliver your feed to customers.

Steps to Selling
Your Feed

List your Feed lots

Upload your feed lot(s) in minutes using our online form, including product specs, addresses, and photos. You can save your draft listing at any point & come back to finish it.

Get Feed Tested

For milking quality feed, we send pre-paid feed testing kits so you can send back feed test samples to the lab. These test results gives customers increased purchasing confidence.

New Customers Orders

Get notified when each new customer order is made. Your Feed Finder Supplier Dashboard gives you up-to-date view of your feed lot(s), order status and details, and your feed left to sell.

Logistics Sorted

Our carrier network works alongside you to deliver unit loads to customers. Once a carrier is assigned to a new order, your Supplier Dashboard is updated with est. dates and details.

Easy Invoicing

Save time and hassle by sending us combined invoices for multiple orders and we pay you directly.

Supplier Case Studies

Supplier FAQs

Register on Feed Finder and create an account

Once registered and logged in go to my account and click sell feed

Yes you need to upload a few good pictures of the feed to complete the listing

There is no cost to list and sell feed on Feed Finder. We charge customers a fee for our service.

Once feed is successfully delivered, send Feed Finder an invoice. Details are on your Account under ‘Sales and Billing’.

The payments terms are payment on the 20th of the month following.

Yes you do need the ability to load trucks, or to organise a neighbour / local contractor who can help you load at your cost.

Feed Finder will manage the process and communicate with you to confirm orders. The carrier we select will contact you to arrange pickup.

Please email or call Feed Finder ASAP to remove your listing.

Call us toll free on

0508 333 334

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