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10BE Square

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500kg est.

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Stored Outside


Feed Lot: This rye clover square 10BE silage was baled in January ’23 from a reputable Bay of Plenty contractor.

Feed Benefits: Rye clover silage is a nutrient-rich forage blend that offers dairy cows a balance of protein and fibre, enhancing milk production and overall health. It can not only boost rumen efficiency but also serves as an excellent supplementary feed, aiding in both lactating and dry cow diets to optimise rumen function and milk quality. For milking cows, farmers often look for higher protein, ME, amino acids and fibre. For dry cows, farmers look for fibre, minerals and vitamins.

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Test Results
Test TypeSilage Profile Test
Testing Report Date23/01/2024
Lab Test ID3443212
Feed Quality AnalysisResults
Nitrogen (%DM)1.5
Dry Matter (DM)32.4
Crude Protein (CP)9.7
Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF)34.1
Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF)54.8
Organic Matter88.6
Soluble Sugars4.3
Crude Fat2.9
Digestibility of Organic Matter in Dry Matter (DOMD)52.1
Metabolizable Energy (ME)8.3
PH Units (pH)4
Lactic Acid3.9
Non Structural Carbohydrate21.2
OMD in-vivo58.2
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ID: 5600

Rye Clover Silage

Bay of Plenty Contractor
Verified supplier


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